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Popcorn ceiling removal in The Villages FL

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Popcorn ceiling removal in The Villages FL - Is it worth it to remove popcorn ceiling?

Removing the popcorn ceiling is worth it if you want to upgrade your home to a modern look, give the rooms a higher ceiling and improve the natural lighting of your home. Modern homes will attract more first-time willing buyers if they have a contemporary ceiling.

Revolution Repair Drywall Repair offers expert popcorn ceiling removal to help you modernize your ceilings and bring your home into the new millennium.

It’s time to bring your ceilings up to date with professional popcorn ceiling removal.

Popcorn ceiling removal in The Villages FL

Are you thinking about getting a quote for popcorn ceiling removal? Here are a few points to consider:
Popcorn ceiling removal in The Villages FL options
While we usually replace popcorn texture with a knockdown or orange peel, we can also offer you popcorn ceiling removal to give your ceiling a fresh and more modern look. Whatever your preference, we can accommodate it!

Revolution Repair Wall Drywall Repair offers professional popcorn ceiling removal throughout the Central Florida area only. However, as our company expands, we will popcorn ceiling removal offer in other areas.

Popcorn ceiling removal process
Removing popcorn ceiling process explained:

Popcorn ceiling removal in The Villages is a messy job, so before we do any scraping, we make sure that the area is clear of furniture and/or completely covered. 

Then the floors and walls are covered adequately with appropriately thick plastic.

We use tape to secure  plastic sheeting to each surface. We are especially careful to cover completely everything since any fabric surface is prone to trap dust.

Then we cut of the circuit breaker power to the room and cover all wall outlets with extra plastic to prevent dust from causing a short.

We start the actual popcorn ceiling removal process by wetting the ceiling down in small areas.

Then we allow the solution to sit for 15–20 minutes to soften the material and penetrate into the deeper layers.

Once the material is soft, we gently begin to scrape away the material, being careful not to chip into the drywall itself or tear away the tape holding it together.

If the material doesn’t come away from the ceilings with ease, we respray the area and wait an additional 10–15 minutes before we try again.

Once we’ve gotten most of the material down with the large scraper, the we use a smaller scraper to get residual materials out or to work in corners.

Then we repeat this process around the entire room.

Once all the texture is off of the ceiling, we will be able to see any imperfections in the ceiling.

Depending on your ceiling, we will  sand certain areas or sometimes the entire ceiling to achieve a more finished look.

If the drywall is damaged, we will repair it. 

Repairs are generally simple, but we want to complete them before proceeding. 

Then we allow the repairs to cure and then sand it smooth before moving on to the refinishing step.

Once the ceiling is smooth and dry, we will ad texture (if desired). Some people are preferring to have a smooth finish.

Once the ceiling is smooth and dry, we will prime and paint it with your chosen color.

We make sure to choose a ceiling-specific latex paint for the best, longest-lasting results.

Finally, we thoroughly clean up the area under and around the ceiling before removing the plastic sheets and restoring power to the room.

how much does popcorn ceiling removal cost
Popcorn ceiling removal in The Villages FL costs

Popcorn ceiling removal in The Villages FL costs

We get a lot of people asking what is the cost to remove popcorn ceilings?

According to a national report, the average cost for in-home textured ceiling removal at an average of $1–$2 per square foot of ceiling.

In The Villages the cost is usually around $2-$4 per square foot of ceiling.

The cost range is quite large for a variety of reasons including demand for ceiling removal, Covid, and of course the current state of your ceilings.

Other considerations include:

  1. Square footage 
  2. How much furniture to move or cover
  3. The height and difficulty of reaching your ceilings
  4. What type of paint you want to use to

These are just a few considerations. Please contact us to get a free, accurate quote.

If you want to know how much does it cost to remove popcorn ceilings in Florida? The prices are pretty much the same.

Find out more on popcorn ceilings from Wikipedia.

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