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Drywall repair in The Villages FL

Drywall repair The Villages FL

When you have a hole in your wall or ceiling, it’s not just a hole in your wall—it’s a hole in your life. And we know it can feel overwhelming.
Drywall damage is unsightly, and you may even feel unsafe. Rest assured that we at Revolution Repair have seen it all and can make your home feel like home again with our fast drywall repair.
See the steps on another recent job of repairing drywall in a home in The Villages:

Watch the series of photos below to see the steps involved in repairing drywall. This was a job where the home owner wanted to reinforce their walls to hang a new TV and entertainment center.

As you can see from the photos the drywall had to be removed, the wall reinforced and then drywall hung, mud and taped, sanded, and texturized.

It’s unfortunate that some of the walls in The Villages homes are not built with studs, but that is the case in most homes in The Villages.

The process took two days to complete. Now the entertainment center and tv are super secure and the customer is super happy. Us the best drywall contractors near me, Revolution Repair. Call us for a free quote today.

The steps for this drywall repair in The Villages included:

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Types of Drywall Services we provide in The Villages FL

1. Cracks in your drywall

Drywall repair in The Villages cracks in drywall

1. Cracks
Cracks in your drywall should not be ignored. They look little now, but they’ll soon spread and cause you serious problems. They can come about from several different problems with your home. In some cases, they’ll have started because the foundations are shifting.

In others, it may be there’s a water leak somewhere in your home. If you have cracks, find the cause of the issue first. (Some drywall contractors will not suggest to do this… but if you don’t find the underlying issue first, the damage will happen over and over again.) .

Once that’s been found, we can then fix the crack with the proper drywall repair technique. Call us, your drywall repair near me for a free quote today

2. Water damage to your drywall

Drywall repair in The Villages water damage

2. Water Damage
Water damage comes from several different places, such as leaking roofs or damaged plumbing. We do live in Florida after all, and it rains a lot.

If you start to see discolored drywall, you’ve got to move fast to find the leak and stop it. The longer it goes on for, the worse the damage will be. Focus on getting the leak fixed before you worry about the drywall, to ensure that it won’t happen again.

Once the leak is fixed, we can then get the water damaged drywall fixed. This is vital, as the damage not only looks bad but is now weakening your drywall, leaving it open for further damage.

Usually the best thing to do is to have that section of drywall replaced entirely, so there will be no signs of damage.

Your drywall installation near me. Call us for a free quote today.

3. Termite damage to your drywall

Drywall repair in The Villages termite damage

3. Termite Damage
Termites are a nightmare if you don’t spot them in time.

Termites eat through drywall, causing you all kinds of issues.

They can include:

  • Pinholes in your walls
  • Hollow sounding walls when you knock on them
  • Paint peeling from the walls
  • Crumbling baseboards

If you’ve got termites, the first thing you’ve got to do is remove them from your home. Call in a good pest control company and get rid of them first.

Once the termites are gone, we can now begin fixing the walls with drywall repairs.

If the foundation hasn’t been damaged, this shouldn’t be a problem.

We will remove the baseboard if needed, and take out the section(s) of drywall that are damaged. 

Then we will replace the drywall, texture your walls if necessary and finally paint.

4. Nail Holes damage to your drywall

Drywall repair in The Villages nail hole damage

4. Nail Holes
These are very common in drywall, as homeowners hang up pictures and other items on their walls. They’re fine for as long as the picture is in place, but what when it’s taken down and moved elsewhere?

You’re left with an unsightly hole in the wall where the nail used to be.

These holes are annoying, but with the right drywall services, they’re easily fixed. 

We will the holes with the the proper mud needed, then allow to dry and sand down to be flush with the wall.

We can then texture to match, and finally paint.

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There are many other types of drywall repair jobs we can do, including:

We have years of experience in textured drywall repair

Our experience allows most drywall holes to be repaired in just one visit for true fast drywall repair. 

Our experience only reduces the time needed to make your repair, but also minimizes the amount of dust created in your home. Texture can be applied immediately, leaving you with a seamless repair ready for painting within 24 hours—and that’s fast drywall repair you can trust.

Why garage and porch or patio ceilings seem to need repair more often?

Unlike the inside of your home, garages, patios & porches are areas that aren’t usually kept air-conditioned. Your air-conditioning system not only cools your home, but also removes humidity as well. These other areas are exposed to humidity and sometimes even the outdoor elements. Over time, humidity can cause drywall boards in the ceiling to start sagging or the seam tape to fall down—and that’s when you need drywall repair in The Villages FL.

Some homes were built using nails, instead of screws, to secure the drywall in the ceiling. With the extra weight from the humidity, the boards can start to slip off the nails. This is a fast drywall repair that you do not want to put off as it often results in drywall falling from your ceiling.

At Revolution Repair, we offer drywall repair for any small holes or your entire ceiling, helping you prevent further damage. We offer a range of drywall repair in The Villages FL  that will make your ceiling look great:

Drywall repair includes painting contractors drywall

Cracks or loose seams in your ceiling that need drywall repair in The Villages

Cracks in your ceiling may only seem cosmetic, but this doesn’t mean you should put off getting them fixed with our fast drywall repair. Ignoring these cracks may cause them to spread, resulting in a more expensive repair. If ignored for a long enough time, it can even cause your ceiling drywall to fall down.
Those cracks usually occur when your drywall seams separate, causing the tape securing them to come loose. With our fast drywall repair, we can re-secure or re-tape your drywall seams to ensure nothing falls down. Depending on the severity of the cracking, we might recommend re-securing your entire ceiling to avoid future problems.

Wall cracks are very unsightly, though are less severe than ceiling cracks. It is still a good idea to get them fixed with our fast drywall repair to avoid having to pay for a larger repair in the future.

For drywall near me, call us today for a free quote. 

Water or flood damage for drywall in the villages
When you have a water leak, roof damage, or flood of any kind it can leave your drywall damaged. Finding the source of a leak or flooding usually involves removing areas of drywall—and this is part of our overall fast drywall repair process. In many cases, after the source of the water is fixed, you are left with stained walls and ceilings.

“Flood Cut” is a term we use when the lower part of a wall has been damaged and/or removed after water has damaged it. Revolution Repair Drywall Repair can get your home patched up to look like it never happened—because fast drywall repair is our core service. And remember, no matter how difficult you think the job is, we can handle it.

If your looking for experienced patch repair drywall punch, call us today for a free quote.

Check out Wikipedia for more information on drywall repair. 

Common questions about drywall repair.

The cost for repairing or replacing a whole wall may come to around $40 to $60 per hour by eight foot sheet of installed drywall. This includes the costs of mud, materials, and labor. Fixing the wall may be cheaper (around $40), but in some cases, replacement (closer to $60) is the only viable option.

RepairAverage Cost
Water Damage & Leak Repair$500 – $2,500
Sagging Ceiling$250 – $1,000
Ceiling Replacement$400 – $1,000
Structural Damage$2,000 – $8,000

Most smaller drywall repairs are doable for the adventuresome do-it-yourselfer. Basic tools and supplies for drywall work are inexpensive, water cleanup is the order of the day, and most mishaps can be fixed with a little sanding and more joint compound. 

It may take you 100 times longer and look half as good, but yes, absolutely you can try to repair you own drywall issues.

For larger drywall repairs, we definitely recommend hiring an experienced drywall professional.

Contact Revolution Repair Drywall Repair today and get a quote for fast drywall repair to restore your walls and ceilings to their original beauty.

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No matter how difficult you think the job is, we can handle it.

Contact Revolution Repair Drywall Repair today and get a quote to restore your walls and ceilings to their original beauty.